Our Mission

Well of Mercy is a ministry of hospitality and healing sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas. It provides quiet sanctuary for adults seeking right relationship with self, others, God and creation. By offering spiritual companionship, emotional support, respectful acceptance and sacred space, it contributes to the rest and renewal of its guests.

The mission and ministry of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas are based on VALUES that are found in the Gospel, and in their Community’s history and tradition. These values include: mercy, hospitality compassion, justice, prayer, love, integrity, and reverence for the dignity of each person. MERCY is the dominant and driving force in their lives and works.

Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

Well of Mercy is a ministry of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, founded by Catherine McAuley in 1831.

Today the Sisters minister in education, health care, social services, spiritual companionship and respond to other needs of our times. They counsel, comfort, speak for justice and to those who are economically and spiritually poor.Catherine lives through each Sister of Mercy and the legacy she left is beyond measure. Currently, there are over 15,000 Sisters worldwide and nearly 5,000 Sisters of Mercy of the Americas in the United States.

A Historical Narrative of Well of Mercy

Before the land… before the road… before the buildings… before anything we enjoy today, the foundation of Well of Mercy was already laid. The Well of Mercy story begins with Scripture—Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well…

Continue reading for a historical Narrative by Mary John Dye, a guest and treasured friend of Well of Mercy.